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VRXS-077 Ei Ten Restaurant defecation

[VRXS-077] Ei Ten Restaurant defecation

If a girl poops in front of you and you can eat it as a dish... I made a video of your delusion. Starting with an appetizer of anal the vegetables, a gluttonous girl's large catch of poop, a course on how to make poop hamburger, a new waitress's fresh first poop, and a menu limited to regulars at Ku Sommelier Shigetsu. Enjoy. And please enjoy the jelly and pudding that squirts out of the anus for dessert. It is a scat drama that you can eat deliciously.

Cast: Shirai Hitomi, Shizuki Iroha, Ai Nayuka, Miyase Aki, Kageyama Senjin, Suzumiya Rin

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Date: August 18, 2022