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Toilets Are OUT Toilet Boy is IN Ebony Face Shitting


Brownsensations - Toilets Are OUT Toilet Boy is IN

I literally have no use for my toilets in my home any longer with my new toilet boy slave. I tease him a little twerking my ass all over his face watching his dick get hard, but he won’t be busting any nuts today. He’s here to serve one purpose and that’s to open his mouth and let me use it what it was intended for. I tried to hold it in as long as i can but i when i squatted over his mouth and pull my thong to the side the flood gates were open. I shitted so much in his mouth that it couldn’t all fit so i had to shit on the side of his face and floor. A split second later i almost drowned him in my golden nectar, so much pressure behind that golden shower hahaha. I let you see the after math and i almost felt bad for him…., NOT cause i feel some more shit coming and i make him open that fucking mouth to catch the softer side of my load lol. Now that my bowels and bladder is fully empty, i noticed my ass is quite dirty after all that shit that came out. Welppp, good thing i have a toilet boy so no need to waste toilet paper, never know when there might be a shortage during this pandemic. I make him stick his tongue out to clean all around and in my ass until it’s spotless, he even stuck his finger in there looking for more shit hahaha. In due time toilet bitch, until the next time enjoy.

Well done slave for taking that load straight in the mouth and licking her butt hole clean.

MsB, if I could I’d pay for a year’s subscription upfront.
I love the ass smacking, the wee, and the stand over camera view.

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Date: May 10, 2022