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Shit on the floor head on III Pooping Girl


Shit on the floor head on III with AinaraX

How sexy I am in today’s video! I stand facing forward with my legs bent open and my hands resting on the ground. I’m naked. I’m wearing high-rise lace stockings with a fuchsia fishnet, that make me see very sensual legs. I squeeze a little so that all my shit can start to come out smoothly, with rhythm, without pause and continuously. I didn’t have to do much effort, it came off easily. While I’m shitting you will hear my moans of pleasure and see my facial expressions. Look how smoothly those brown cairns come out! they look really pretty. Then I quickly get a source with a lot of pee power. I left the whole floor wet! Finally, I show the result on the ground with close-up shots.

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Date: May 2, 2022