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EE-485 Japan High School Girls with Powerful Pee

EE-485 Multi View Toilet Voyeur: Japan High School Girls with Powerful Pee Streams.

When I sneaked into two Japanese style toilets and took a secret video, many school girls visited and peeed there. I wonder if they had put up with it at school or cram school, the pee of the school girls is just amazing. The intense pee that does not fit a cute face makes a crackling sound when it is released from the urethra and hits the toilet bowl in a straight line. And when the urine that had been rinsed for Katsuyomi was exhausted, the school girls left the toilet with a pleasant expression. The pee with strong urine power of these cute school girls is outstanding! (featuring 25 girls in 32 episodes)

Date: September 25, 2022

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