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Custom Request 7 Ebony Ass


Brownsensations - Custom Request 7

Fan placed a order for a load of shit. I gave him two loads for the price of one, hope he has a big appetite.

This was a GOAT clip nice grunts, awesome fat loads of shit, sexy talk beautiful hair and sexy heels, she hasn’t made a terrible video yet so far all has been great creative content. Its nice to see black models on scatshop even though some of the OG black models left to sell out on other platforms I hope Brownsensations stick around for awhile.

You are a Dream come True!!!.. It’s like seeing Aunt Gina Williams..
The Stripper Black Dark Beauty in House Party 3 finally Showcase Her Turd.

Even though I’m suppose to be Professional.. I’ve seen so many women like you
come into my office that I would love to eat and sniff their Ass & Shit lol…
…Or see do scenes just like this..

That was the SEXIEST thing ever when you said you can’t wait to EAT your shit.. You should actually
make a series where you eat 1 Table spoon and chew it for the camera dirty Teeth & Tongue for 1 min..
…After you show your full body & high heels shitting like was done in this scene & price it at 50 or 60.

This price was definitely a break for what you guys usually charge..definitely appreciated and will be
purchasing the 19.99 scene as well.

Your hubbie did a fantastic job filming..Every time I wanted to see your full body while you were pooping
he zoomed right out and everytime i wanted to see a close up that’s exactly what he did..

It’s like he was in my mind .. You are a lucky woman foreal and im jealous.

I would love to see her Big Butt all out Giving a Leathered Dominatrix a Pony Ride.. In the Pony Training Fetish!!

Keep feeding her in The Stable and Showcase Her Big Stallion Ass Like in the Horse Training Weatherbys beauty
competition..So fucking hot..

Definitely a healthy Stacked Stallion Hot Breeding Big Booty Aunt Jemima Descendant Thoroughbred lol 🙂

This Mama Bear has enjoyed you guys store so much…Absolutely
Mind Blowing!!

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Date: March 14, 2022