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Beautiful Bimbo Enema Pooping Girl


Beautiful Bimbo Enema with FuzzyWolf

This is a beautiful and romantic experience.We start face to face, with me looking you directly in the eye. I flirt with you with my gaze as I prepare for the erotic experience we are about to share. I turn from you and bend over so you can see me pleasure my soft asshole and get it ready for the enema nozzle that slides into it next. I fill myself to the brim with the enema solution. I face you again so we can be together as i masturbate. I grow more and more desperate for relief as the pressure in my belly builds until I can no longer take anymore and you and I have to run for the bathroom.

and THAT, dear viewer, is where the REAL show begins. You are going to treasure the time we spend together and you will delight in the soft serve pouring from my bimbo butthole.

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Date: April 25, 2022