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[ACZD-026] Japan Scatology Riku Tachibana

[ACZD-026] Shame Examination Room Riku Tachibana

Riku, a female patient who visited the clinic because of abdominal pain due to constipation. From palpation of the lower abdomen to coping with an enema.
First, wash the area around her anus with a cotton ball picked with tweezers. Then massage her anus with her fingers and the enema is ready. Inject a 50% glycerin solution with a 150cc disposable enema.
In case of inconvenience, she puts on a paper diaper and puts up with it until the effect of the drug solution is obtained, but Riku excretes it in the diaper before the nurse's permission is given. It remained in the intestines during the diaper change, but it leaked, and a large amount of urine leaked to the extent that it drew a parabola.
I have a female patient, Riku, change into an examination gown and paper pants, and continue to examine the female genitals and anus. Riku who spills a large amount of cloudy secretions from the vagina by palpation of the female genitals.
The nurse decided to perform an anal dilation procedure using a dilation device because palpation of the anus with a finger also showed a sexual reaction. Riku's anus, which allows for insertion of instruments larger than the standard male genital size, eventually expands to the point where the nurse's hand can reach the wrist.
A female patient who was damaged by dilation ・ Riku's anus and rectum are treated with white semi-solid medicine.
The fully dilated anus smoothly accepted the speculum, so the drug was poured directly into the rectum through the speculum-opened anus. The medicine in the intestine that has been poured in a large amount is excreted in a simple toilet bowl, and the medicine that remains in the intestine is washed with a large amount of lukewarm water.
High-pressure enema with 1 liter of Illigator was repeated intestinal cleansing until the examination table turned brown, but there was no sign that the liquid ejected from the patient's anus became transparent.

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Date: June 1, 2022