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A Princess Story – Part 2 – POOP SMEAR

Filth Fetish Studios - Organic Princess Brooke - A Princess Story - Part 2 - POOP SMEAR

The first part of this is on our alternate sales site. A Princess Story CONTINUES this time VIRTUALLY

Brooke is playing her favorite game, The Sims, while using Jimmy as her seat! She is creating a virtual village where she and all of her friends will be using Jimmy as a TOILET, the only thing he is good for! The idea of doing that to him with SO MANY WOMEN gets her so horny though, so can't help but finger herself a bit!

The video continues as she starts to get GASSY unleashing LOUD STINKY FARTS right into Jimmy's MOUTH AND NOSE! He chokes and gags but the struggle only makes her hotter! When Jimmy can't take anymore, she retires to the bathroom, where you get to enjoy A POV FART RIGHT TO THE FACE!

The video ends with Princess Brooke laying A HUGE FAT LOG on Jimmy's face! ITS A BIG ONE!

Date: December 7, 2022

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